Presentations (V)
Rosalind Goldberg
Agata Siniarska
31. August 2013
Sa 31.08.13 21:00 Uhr
Uferstudio 9

31. August 2013, 21:00 Uhr

Mit - Rosalind Goldberg / MAC

Mit is a solo dance performance based on fiction. Through using a structure built on imagination the character Mit is being formed. In the performance you will follow Mit on a travel through a make-up of situations where tumult, fights, dances and nothingness comes about.

I am investigating in the perception of real and unreal. Through making up a structure, a character and dances based on fantasy and fiction, I want to challenge artificiality, in order to fluster my notion of body.

Choreografie: Rosalind Goldberg Tanz: Anne-Mareike Hess Komposition: Camilla Barratt-Due Kostüm: Alexander Krantz Dramaturgie: Sandra Lolax

Dauer: Ausschnittvon  15-20 min.
The work will at the time of AUSUFERN be in its final working period. The premiere will be at Weld in Stockholm 25th of September.



24 frames per second of women standing against the wall - Agata Siniarska / BA

- work in progress ( Premiere am 4. Oktober, Stary Browar Nowy Taniec )

agata siniarska is a fictional character consciously happening day by day inside the choreographic frame, dealing with the idea of female female impersonation. addicted to fiction, she makes her investigations within subjective representations, written in pieces, likewise has strong desire towards concepts and clear contextualizations. every movement, fueled by the energy of profound theoretical hesitancy, she makes with passion and intense fascination. many times not alone but with exquisite adventurers.

Choreograf(en): Agata Siniarska
Dauer: 25 min


Weitere Infos (und ggf. Reservierungen)

AUSUFERN ist eine Veranstaltung der Künstler und Organisationen in den Uferstudios: ada Studio, Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz Berlin, Tanzbüro Berlin/mapping dance berlin, Tanzfabrik Berlin und Uferstudios GmbH. In Kooperation mit Tanz im August.

Tickets für die Veranstaltungen sind an den Vorverkaufsstellen von Tanz im August und im Internet über reservix erhältlich. 

5 €

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