AUSUFERN: Choreographier Dich Pfad - October 2017
Hof der Uferstudios - Treffpunkt am Schornstein

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Mon 02.10.17 16:00 Uhr , geführte Tour
Mon 02.10.17 17:30 Uhr , selbstständige Tour

How would it feel to move differently through the streets and not in a purely functional manner?
The ‚Choreographier Dich Pfad’ (choreograph yourself path) transforms the everyday surroundings of the Uferstudios—crossings, traffic lights, houses and entrances; the order of the paving stones, the plants along the river Panke etc.- into a choreographed landscape inviting anyone passing by to step away from their purposeful paths and become movement artists.
Sonja Augart attempts to playfully transfer choreographic methods onto the public space. The ‚inside’ of the Uferstudios, where the pursuit of dance and choreography is happening every day, is applied to the ‚outside’ of the Uferstudios.
During AUSUFERN 2016 Sonja Augart developed the initial ‚Choreographier Dich Pfad’ (choreograph yourself path) together with two dancers, guests and several passer-by’s. In 2017 there will be a guided tour and a map with choreographed instructions connected to different places in Wedding.


Sonja Augart works as an independent artist, dramaturge and curator. After finishing her studies in the Netherlands she created different works such as site-specific and time-related performances and choreographies for theatre. As a curator she worked for Theatre Frascati Amsterdam (Something Raw Festival) and the Incubate Festival Tilburg. In 2003 Sonja Augart established FRAGMENTA, an association for the support/ production of dance related projects. She worked as Mentor for the SODA Master at the HZT and collaborated with Jasna L. Vinovrski (Public in Private). She was Co-founder of the ‘Choreographic Radio’ and is involved in the „Feedback Lab goes public“ audience formate at Tanztage festival.

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