Working Utopias
Christina Ciupke
Anke Strauß
Uferstudio 5

Working Utopias Christina Ciupke u.a. c Ditteke Waidelich 1
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Fri 26.10.18 11:00 Uhr
Sat 27.10.18 13:00 Uhr

"Working Utopias" is a research project of choreographer Christina Ciupke and organisation researcher Anke Strauß that focuses on the social side of artistic work. In the last two years, they have visited various artist-led organizations and initiated dialogues on collaboration, solidarity, situatedness and conditions of their artists’ work-lives. Sharing turned out to operate as an utopian principle that needs constant negotiation. The sympósion revolves around the principle of sharing by gathering people around a table for conversations on desires, dreams and longings for diverse relationships that shape and are shaped by their worklives.


By: Christina Ciupke, Anke Strauß With: Barbara Greiner, Caique Tizzi / Marble Sauce, Ditteke Waidelich, Gretchen Blegen, Igor Dobricic, Lilly Schofield and Guests.


The project »Working Utopias« is funded by the VW Foundation.

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