Sight Seeing
Julian Weber
Uferstudio 5

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Wed 31.10.18 19:00 Uhr
Thu 01.11.18 19:00 Uhr
Fri 02.11.18 19:00 Uhr
Sat 03.11.18 19:00 Uhr

The fear of invisibility in our digitized world becomes a driving force for physical and choreographic questions. Over the course of this debate, »sight seeing« is confronted with what constitutes a human being and what
constitutes the inhuman. The influence of human beings on the planet has recently become more than visible so that humanity itself can be seen as a geological force. This point of view is used to destabilize the anthropocentric perspective and to conduct research into the fragility of a multi-
dimensional corporeality. In dialogue with Lynn Suemitsu, Julian Weber establishes a temporary living space which invites the spectator to engage in »sight seeing«.


An exploration of the fragility of a multidimensional corporeality.


Choreography, Dance, Set: Julian Weber Music: Lynn Suemitsu Set: Jonas Maria Droste Light: Maika Knoblich Assistance: PM Besse


Support: Hauptstadtkulturfonds | Coproduction: workspacebrussels/Life Long Burning with support by the European Culture Programme and Tanzfabrik Berlin in the frame of apap – Performing Europe 2016-2020, cofunded by Creative Europe Programme of the EU.

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