NAH DRAN extended: Toolbox
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Sat 27.04.19 20:30 Uhr
Sun 28.04.19 20:30 Uhr

Fergus Johnson & Eva Priečková: waiting for a magic Evgus to happen
Maybe it’s a duet. A landscape of two bodies twisting; rivers at a confluence. Or maybe it’s a touch and a look, a funny sound, the smell of your armpit. So here we are again, following each other through the chaos of relation and diving into magic.
“waiting for a magic Evgus to happen” is an ongoing dance collaboration between Eva Priečková and Fergus Johnson. They are both artists primarily working with movement, dance and the body, who have met while participating in the SMASH program in Berlin. Eva is Slovakian and is at all times surrounded by a cloud of dragonflies, while Fergus is an Irish weasel.

Aabshaar Wakhloo: This evening's dance
A bird on my fingertips, you see the bird, it flies
Full of wonder and bliss.
A bird, you see the bird, it flies
Full of wonder and bliss.

My fingertips are a bird that flies, you see
Full of wonder and bliss
My fingertips, you see, they fly.
Full of wonder and bliss
You fly.

Symbolic gestures filled with an evident meaning is deconstructed such that new narratives can reveal themselves and meaning- making can become a collective action transporting us to another land full of wonder and bliss.

Side info/fun fact
{ The Sanskrit handbook on performing arts, Natyashastra works as a guideline for most traditional (classical) Indian arts. It consists of texts around body movements, gestures, dramatic composition, staging, costume etc }

Andrew Champlin: The Lacemaker
This work-in-progress performance investigates how we look at trained dancers in relation to mythologies of hierarchical environments, commodified aesthetics and ambition. Entering a transit depot, turned dance studio, turned theater, the public meets a dancer who’s haunted by the machinations of ballet and the promises his techniques have yet to unveil.



“NAH DRAN” is a performance series for Berlin based emerging choreographers. It provides an opportunity to present new pieces (probably for the first time) to an audience. NAH DRAN has its focus on dance pieces but is also open to multidisciplinary works. It assembles 3 pieces by different young artists in one performance evening. “NAH DRAN” (“close to”) means that there is literally no gap between performers and audience what offers a chance to meet on an equal footing.
“NAH DRAN extended” means that the works were selected under a specific curatorial aspect. This edition is curated by Lee Méir and focusses on (dance) toolboxes as an entry point into choreography.
Lee Méir has been regularly curating 2 editions of “NAH DRAN extended” every year since 2017.

A toolbox is a place to store and organize the tools one needs in order to do a certain craft.
The content of the toolbox may vary according to the craft.
What’s in a dancer's/choreographer's toolbox?
Sometimes this toolbox may seem full with too many things (techniques we practiced? physical memories?), and we can’t see what’s there anymore, and sometimes it seems completely empty. Sometimes we need to re-arrange our toolbox, and sometimes to re-invent it.
The choreographers invited to this edition of NAH DRAN extended are busy with their own personal dancing toolbox as their entry point into choreography.

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8,00 - 13,00€ sliding scale, 5,00€ with Tanzcard

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