NAH DRAN hyper-extended: Force Fields
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“NAH DRAN” is a performance series for Berlin based emerging choreographers. It provides an opportunity to present new pieces (probably for the first time) to an audience. “NAH DRAN” has its focus on dance pieces but is also open to multidisciplinary works. It assembles 3 pieces by different young artists in one performance evening. “NAH DRAN” (“close to”) means that there is literally no gap between performers and audience what offers a chance to meet on an equal footing.
“NAH DRAN extended” (or hyper-extended) means that the works were selected under a specific curatorial aspect. This edition is curated by Lee Méir and presents four works by choreographers who are navigating their inner-outer-upper-lower selves, in a network of intense and contradicting states of mind and body.
Running, unraveling, leaping, desiring, exhausting, sinking into, collapsing, revealing, pushing, losing (your mind) (your grasp), needing, surrendering, picking up from, falling apart, going for (it). Diffused, dissolved, dazed and confused, extremely and obsessively, with no direction, by all means, with the body without the mind, with the mind without the body. With everything at once all the time.
Lee Méir has been curating every year 2 editions of NAH DRAN extended at ada Studio since 2017.

Jelena Alempijevic, Nuria Höyng & Lena Strützke: Die Fahrt
The dance piece “Die Fahrt” (“The Drive”) begins with the use of electronic music and a continuous, slow-motion movement by three dancers. The extensive and fluid movements, which in conjunction with the driving sounds create moving images, run through the 30-minutes piece and form a continuous, sog-like stream of time. Wrapped in long coats, the dancers move through space, sometimes
orbiting like planets, then moving away from each other and pausing at irregular intervals. It is difficult to arrive, when the surroundings are not clearly recognizable, says Jelena. With the body as a means of transport, navigation itself becomes the mode of exploration. Its state and orientation determine the manner of locomotion and what can be perceived during the drive.

Simo Vassinen: Gegenübertragung
“Gegenübertragung” (“Countertransference”) is the inevitable mix-up of the roles of the patient and the psychoanalyst, and something the analyst must consciously be aware of. As anywhere, it is an endless effort to see someone without seeing yourself. Psychoanalysis allows the patientʼs drifting and free-flowing mind to meet with both mythologies and mundane events. The relationship between the patient and the analyst has potential for an unusual friendship where the ever-shifting borders – of personal and shared experience, of bodyspecific and universal, of helper and the one helped – allow both to navigate the fog.

Rocio Marano aka Cat Ninja: Insanity Solo
The piece was created after a rigorous movement research that combines high-intensity workouts, KRUMP and somatic practices (what I called “Somatic Krump”). The embodiment of both an aggressive and repairing gesture acts as a counter-force for the dictatorial speeches of some Fitness Culture. Here the idea of the body as a machine controlled by the mind is confronted with a holistic view on the body, where body is not separate from mind, and fails on its attempt to act like one. Inspired by North-American home-training-videos “Insanity Max Out” which encourages extreme body performance.

Agnė Auželytė & Stephen Doyle: UNDONE, a heart score
“UNDONE” is an improvised duo performance exploring various cardio states. Following a simple score, two bodies run for one hour with no audience present. Entering at the peak, the piece emerges from the unraveling of the post-collapse state. It is a dialogue between movement and sound, which cross into one another, blurring the lines between disciplines. Percussive structures crumble. Bodies enter into a meditative trance, pushing their pulses to the limit, allowing an abstract sonic and visual poem to occur where the intelligence of the heart is employed in search for ones intuition.


Jelena Alempijevic, Nuria Höyng & Lena Strützke, Simo Vassinen, Rocio Marano aka Cat Ninja and Agne Auželyte & Stephen Doyle.

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