Graduation works  .  School for New Dance Development  .  2017
Uferstudio 14

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6. April 2017, 19.00 Uhr
8. April 2017, 19.00 Uhr

The 4th year students of the SNDO - School for New Dance Development graduate by creating two works next to writing a thesis and completing their internship. The first works are usually presented in Spring, the second ones in June. These programs take place in venues outside the school offering the students professional working conditions and the artistic context. The Spring works travel to Berlin, to be presented at Uferstudios within the context of an exchange between Berlin based BA program of HZT and SNDO.
This year’s SNDO graduates are Juan Pablo Cámara, Duan Chengbei, Sigrid Stigsdatter Mathiassen, Mao Nakagawa, Estefano Romani, Tea Teearu and Andrea Zavala Folache.

I am she as you are she as you are me
See how they run like frogs from a gun
See how they fly

How is this happening if the dog found the shark?

WIR! Mädchen - Theater For Tolerance 
26. MÄRZ um 19.00 Uhr
Wiederholung und Differenz - Tanzcompagnie Rubato
30. MÄRZ - 1. APRIL um 20.30 Uhr
2. APRIL um 17.00 Uhr
Graduation works . School for New Dance Development . 2017
6. + 8. APRIL um 19.00 Uhr
Black Cyborg: or If I Had a Heart for Whom Would It Beat - Christoph Winkler
6. - 8. APRIL um 20.30 Uhr