DEADLINE: Wild Card slot 2017 / 2018

Fr 30.03.18

Organizer: Workshop Foundation (Budapest)

in cooperation with: Uferstudios Berlin GmbH

Name of the program: Residency programme

When: minimally 10 days in the time frame 28th of May till 17th of June 2018

Where: Budapest, Hungary

For: Choreographers, dance makers & collectives based in Berlin

The program offers:
Workshop Foundation offers a residency of minimally 10 days in Budapest, Hungary between 28th of May and the 17th June 2018. The exact period can be negotiated between the artist and Workshop Foundation.

The artist will receive a production budget of 2.500 euro which includes travel, accommodation, per diem and other production costs. For it’s administration Workshop Foundation needs an invoice on this amount from the artist.

The residency provides a studio which can be used between 09.00 and 16.00 hours. After 16.00 hours the studio will be used for dance classes. The studio has basic light and sound possibilities and has daylight (no possibilities to cover the windows).

As part of the residency, the artist can show a work-in-progress or show the results of the research in another way. This is optional and can be discussed with Workshop Foundation.

Workshop Foundation provides and pays for a coach / outside eye during the residency, based on the needs and wishes of the artist.

Application requirements: a CV and motivation letter of maximally 2 pages in which is written on which project the artist will work and why a residency at Workshop Foundation would be beneficial. The motivation letter is written in English.
Application deadline: 30th of March 2018 to

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