SODA LECTURES: Body, Text, Collective - Choreographing the imaginary
Uferstudio 11

Soda Lectures quad
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Mi 16.01.19 18:00 Uhr

Der Vortrag ist in englischer Sprache.

In her lecture Ivana Müller will take the idea of “invisible” as a point of departure, and speak about the practices of choreographic and theatrical writing as processes through which we reveal and deal with different kinds of invisible(s). How are theatrical and social representations related to the invisible processes build through collective and individual imagination? How is an artist choosing material tools in order to shape the immaterial? Where do imaginary and invisible meet. What do we really share in theatre? How to work on structures that are not telling us what to think but open the fields of new points of view. Using the examples from her own work Ivana Müller will talk about how a stage work emerges through the invisible processes that have been at work between performer/spectator, stage/backstage, sound/image, text and body.

Ivana Müller is a choreographer, artist and author of texts. Through her artistic work and practice she re-thinks the politics of spectacle and spectacular, re-visits the place of imaginary and imagination, questions the notion of « participation » and “collective”, investigates the idea of value and its representation, and keeps on getting inspired by the relationship between performer and spectator. Croatian born, Paris based award winning artist, Müller has been creating and performing work for the last 15 years in the international dance/theatre context and occasionally in the visual arts frames, amongst others at Venice Art Biennale 2015. Ivana Müller equally curates artistic and discursive encounters and lectures at, amongst others, Piet Zwart Institute Rotterdam, School For New Dance Development, Amsterdam, Institute For Applied Theatre Studies Giessen, Université Paris 8, P.A.R.T.S. Brussels etc.

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