Marwa Arsanios: What comes after research?
Uferstudio 11

Trabajo amorMarwa Arsanios quadrat
Mi 24.04.19 18:00 Uhr

During this talk, I will present different artistic research methodologies that I use in my work, explaining the way they open the artistic process to political realms and are infected by it. I will focus mostly on feminist politics, and at the way they can be used and produced within an artistic practice and methodologies and in their turn, affect politics again. Following the general frame on ‘diagnosis’ that the lecture series puts up, I will focus on the question of aesthetics and the way it can challenge certain politics and in particular talk about the latest film I worked on Who is afraid of ideology? Part 2 that brings together questions of feminism, ecology, sickness and filmmaking as a research practice. I will also show some examples of collaborations and talk about the artistic and aesthetic forms that these collaborations take. The question of giving form to research will be a central point, as well as the use of the filmic set as a stage for research and collaborations.

The lecture series in English is open to all and free of entrance.
It is curated by Prof. Dr. Sandra Noeth and co-hosted by the MA SODA-students Kuba Borkowicz, Bernardo Chatillon, Jason Corff, Jorge De Hoyos, Ana Lessing Menjibar, Minna Partanen and Rhyannon Wagg.


Marwa Arsanios’ recent projects have revolved around questions of ecology, feminism, social organisation, nation-building, war and economic struggle. She is a founding member of the artist organization and project space 98weeks research project. Marwa is currently a teacher at the Dutch Art Institute. She obtained her MFA from University of the Arts, London (2007); and was a researcher in the Fine Art department at the Jan Van Eyck Academie (2011-2012). She is currently a PhD candidate at the Akademie der Bildenden Kunst in Vienna.

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Die Lecture findet in englischer Sprache statt und richtet sich an alle Interessierte.

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