Maria F. Scaroni
06. Juni 2021
So 06.06.21 17:00 Uhr

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06. Juni 2021, 17:00 Uhr

As part of OUR DANCE a residency series hosted and curated by the PSR collective at Heizhaus Berlin. Sheena McGrandles opens her residency OUR MOVES to invite Berlin based artists and initiatives to re-frame their practice for public space.
The first artist to open this short series is MARIA F. SCARONI with her work and practice TECHNODRIFT.

Some words on the drift from Maria Scaroni:
TECHNODRIFT maybe to tune a ravers diaspora alone together - while waiting - keeping the pulse alive offered by Maria F. Scaroni
This is a technology of ecstasy, done alone, together. It relies on entrainment, the in-built ability of the human body to fall into rhythm and on stepping, walking forward or on place with a downspill, playing the earth with some intention and thrust. It relies on techno music and on the privilege to access an environment that allows you to be lost in public, in a sonic bubble of your own. BERLIN is suitable. With 2 or 3 people or more depending on your agreement and management of social distancing regulations. Otherwise said, for the profane, it is a walk on a beat. Though it is a conscious spell to revive the earth, to become host of an inner rave, a requiem to the dance floor, a feast to the sacred relationship/entanglement of our bodies with gravity and levity. A Covid-suitable medicine to support the psychological and physical effects of social distancing, isolation, disorientation.
It affirms the need to exchange energy amongst friends and strangers, beyond verbal communication. It’s analogue.
It affirms dancing as a form of misbehaviour.
It bows to the vibe as the master.
It is not fitness, though it’s a workout.
Its success at becoming an altered state of consciousness relies on your desire to raise aliveness within yourself.
Thus, it is a self-reviving spell, an agency builder.
It’s not dogmatic, though it is intentional. So no guru cosmology, but also no ‘whatever’. Treasure the instructions, they are portals.
It has a beginning and an end.
If shared with other bodies, alone, together, its potency grows exponentially. Plus you need at least a buddy to feel the permission to be a bit idiotic or wonderful in public space. They become helpers for you to shift the legs and arms patterns and let the body unfold.
Thus, spread the vibe, cultivate contagion and more here: https://www.allalways.org/technodrift

Funded by the Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa. Supported by Uferstudios.


with Maria F. Scaroni

Weitere Infos (und ggf. Reservierungen)

Please note that participation is very limited and you must register before hand - please only do so if you can commit to attending:
To participate:
- come registered in the link above
- come with a mask
- come with a negative corona test
- come with headphones
- come with a phone or MP3 player
- download or stream this link for the drift here (Please note it is better to download this beforehand as internet connection can be unstable).

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