Anfang des Hauptinhaltes,

Lee Méir

"Anything can be an inspiration, anything can become something else."

In her new performance “crying creatures crying”, choreographer Lee Méir creates strange creatures out of costumes and materials. The Creative Crossroads artist spoke to us about inspiration and the productive refusal of trying to make sense.

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The Grandmothers

„We want to invite our dead grandmothers to be part of this piece“

Nagao Akemi, Bettina Mileta, Evelyn Saylor and Johanna Ackva search for the traces of their close relatives in their performance "Grandmothers". During their residency at Uferstudios, they have also explored stereotypical images of aging women in our society.

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Judith State

"I can not not talk about motherhood, when I talk about myself"

Judith State became a mother during the pandemic. How the new role influences her choreographic work and why motherhood itself has become the theme of her residency at Uferstudios.

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Saeed Hani

"Art is for the people"

The choreographer Saeed Hani wants to make his art accessible to everyone with the help of sensual experiences - and overcome walls with his work "Inlet".

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Oda Brekke

"I'm interested in traces that break categories"

What will remain when mankind is gone? Oda Brekke searchs for traces of human existence. For this purpose, she also travels into the past of Uferstudios.

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Sebastian Lingserius

"We shouldn't return to the before but rather search for another"

For years, Sebastian Lingserius produced artistic output without a break. Since the pandemic also brought dance to a standstill, he has been reflecting on his own artistic practice - and uses his residency at Uferstudios to establish new routines.

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