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The self-image of the Uferstudios for contemporary dance is characterized by the synergetic coexistence and cooperation of the partners. They are dedicated to a wide range of artistic processes and aesthetics of contemporary dance and thus promote both the local and international networking of the artists working here, as well as the opening into the city and the neighborhood.

ada Studio

The ada Studio is a working space for young Berlin dance artists, offering them space for research as well as the opportunity to present their work in the various performance series and festivals.

HZT Berlin

The HZT Berlin is a center institutionally supported by the UdK Berlin and the HfS Ernst Busch, which also cooperates with TanzRaumBerlin. At the HZT there is one Bachelor's program and two Master's programs.

PSR Collective

PSR could stand for a lot of different things - Pitching Social Rumours, Performing Social Remedies, PingPong Sangha Roastbeef, or it could stand for Performance Situation Room.

Tanzbuero Berlin

The Tanzbuero Berlin is the central point of contact for the Berlin dance scene. It is committed to advising artists, bringing together stakeholders, supporting the arts and throwing a spotlight on the city’s dance landscape.

Tanzfabrik Berlin

Since 1978, artists have been working at the Tanzfabrik Berlin on themes and issues of contemporary dance. In the studios there is continuous production and performance, rehearsal, training, artistic research and teaching.

Uferstudios GmbH

Uferstudios GmbH is the leaseholder and operating company of Uferstudios and thus the central point of contact for partners, artists and visitors to the site.