AUSUFERN: Wunderkammer
01. June - 04. June 2018
Fri 01.06.18 19:00 Uhr
Sat 02.06.18 15:00 Uhr
Sun 03.06.18 15:00 Uhr
Mon 04.06.18 18:00 Uhr
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01. June 2018, 19:00 Uhr
02. June 2018, 15:00 Uhr
03. June 2018, 15:00 Uhr
04. June 2018, 18:00 Uhr

"Wunderkammer" is an artistic research project that explores the question of how the act of seeing and the separation of social groups are interlinked. Eva Costa explores the Berlin urban landscape together with blind and visually impaired people, a group that is all too often overlooked.
The personal experiences and contributions of each member of the group in relation to the perception of the urban landscape - their imagination, cultural memories and references are the basis for the performative exhibition "Wunderkammer".
The concept of cabinets of wonder originated during the Renaissance and Baroque periods. These forerunners of the museums, were rooms of collectors, in which valuable arts and crafts (Artificia) were kept and rare natural phenomena (Naturalia) were preserved. The evocative image of the Wunderkammer recalls the fragile action and time in which the human being tried to codify and collect the whole world, but it is also a proposition to open our perspective to its wonderful heterogeneity: a precious and evanescent multiplicity of imagination experiences.
"Wunderkammer" is a shared vision, an artistic action, a political act.

Eva Costa, originally from Tuscany, has lived and worked in Berlin for several years. As a drama and voice actress she studied philosophy. Since 2012 she works as a writer and director of performing arts projects. In her work she focuses on the exploration of the body and its physical expressions as well as the meaning of the place or premises. Her productions are usually described as performative installations because of their cross-category character and the three-dimensional approach, which is always transdisciplinary. In 2015 Eva Costa’s work "Dark Water / La Nave Dei Folli" was presented at Uferstudios.


Artistic direction, Director: Eva Costa, Sound/Video Production & Design: Giorgio De Santis, Music & Composition: Albrecht Ziepert, With: Claudia Fehle, Marion Hartwig, Silja Korn, Adrian Kosanke, Gerald Pirner

supported by: Italian Cultural Institute Berlin

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