POSTPONED!!! Every now is time, space
22. March 2020
Sun 22.03.20 19:30 Uhr

22. March 2020, 19:30 Uhr

The work has been the result of a creative collaboration between a choreographer and five performing artists working substantially with a lighting designer and a sound artist in the framework of a newly configured collaboration to mix performing arts, visual arts and sound arts using not only the latest digital sound technologies (HyperSound) but also by confronting challenging and relevant questions about the how we perceive the body (both as self and as other) in today’s time, about perception in our hyper-speed world and about open principles of collaboration that even extend into the role and position of the audience as active co-creators of a (holistic) artistic experience, not merely passive observers or overstimulated tuned out bodies.

Invitation for the Laboratory Experience of Every now is time, space:

20. March 2020, 15:00 - approx. 18:00, Heizhaus - Uferstudios

21. March 2020, 12:00 - approx. 15:00, Heizhaus – Uferstudios

We would like to invite you to a journey, which touches, challenges, shift and moves with everyone, who is engaged in this open situation. In a multilayered sound space situation, everyone can be and do as they feel. They can walk, dance, sit, lay down, holds someone hand, engage in the situations that are emerging ... In the overlapping situation, one is remapping his/her sensory inputs that leads to resetting and regenerating. It is a gentle experience, that touches and connects us, folding and unfolding during the time of a 'performance-situation-laboratory'.

No dance knowledge is needed and expected, just curiosity and openness of those, who would like to join.

The lab lasts there hours , and is combined of performance-situation and a feedback-discussion with participants to share their experiences. Would be nice, if you would let us know whether you want to participate via



Snježana Premuš in collaboration with Dragana Alfirević, Dejan Srhoj, Tina Valentan, Anja Bornšek, Gregor Zorc, Špela Škulj and Boštjan Perovšek

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The lab and the showing are part of the Creative Crossroads residency exchange within the framework of Life Long Burning, funded by Creative Europe and cofinanced by Berliner Senat

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