neworks - "LOTUS. Portals into Purple"
Josefine Mühle
19. June - 20. June 2021
Sat 19.06.21
Sun 20.06.21
Uferstudio 7

19. June 2021
20. June 2021

In her recent video work “LOTUS. the child was stung” streamed in November 2020 at ada studio Berlin, choreographer Josefine Mühle took viewers to the beginnings of consciousness and imagined a prenatal body. Continuing her research she now expands the existing video work into an extended film version. For “LOTUS. Portals into Purple” Mühle keeps asking about the origin of human consciousness and looks at Julian Jaynes' theories about the bicameral mind. Jaynes claims that before the development of human consciousness, people perceived acoustic memories or ideas hallucinatory like clear inner voices that were experienced as commenting or commanding guides. “LOTUS. Portals into Purple” takes up this thesis and dares to venture one step further into a preconscious, mystical world populated by voices, visions and masks and breaks down the diversity of religious experience into a hypnotic film work. Aiming to be a medial ceremony, “LOTUS. Portals into Purple” asks about alternative forms of polyphonic gathering. Fiction becomes a prophecy.

"neworks" is one of the most recent performance series at ada Studio. It provides an opportunity for artists who have already presented their studies or shorter works either at ada Studio or in other artistic collaborations to develop a full-length piece.

Josefine Mühle is a Berlin based artist at the crossroads of choreography and multimedia installation. In her works “What's in the Dark” (ada Studios, May 2018), “Seagull Speaks” (Sophiensaele November 2019), “A Child has been Beaten” (with Suvi Kemppainen, Tanztage January 2020), “Under The Dome” (ongoing with Xenia Taniko) and “Baby Choir” (mit Suvi Kemppainen, 2021/22) Mühle designs cross-species worlds that show bodies in states of emergency. After a B.A. in theater studies she completed the B.A. program Dance, Context, Choreography at the HZT Berlin. She works as a performer with La Cage, Xenia Taniko, Shannon Cooney, Boris Nikitin and Lee Méir and advocates the experience of intimacy and radical vulnerability in performance situations.


from and with Josefine Mühle

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