Try Leather
Margaret Dragu
Britta Wirthmüller
22. June - 27. June 2021
Tue 22.06.21
Wed 23.06.21
Thu 24.06.21
Fri 25.06.21
Sat 26.06.21
Sun 27.06.21
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Pressefoto Try Leather Margaret Dragu 1983 Colin Campbell quadrat
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22. June 2021
23. June 2021
24. June 2021
25. June 2021
26. June 2021
27. June 2021

Link to the video here.

In Try Leather, performers Justine A. Chambers, Margaret Dragu, William Wheeler, and Britta Wirthmüller are researching desire on the theatre stage as well as the appetite for seeing and being seen. The production refers to a dance solo by Margaret Dragu called “Try Leather”, which she presented for the first time in Toronto in 1975. This solo is a disputatious mix of striptease, sports aerobics, modern dance, vaudeville and feminist performance art. Dragu, who besides having a career in dance and theatre also worked as a stripper for over twenty-five years, describes the strip club as a space where she could experiment with artistic means and concurrently undermine genre clichés and images of body and gender.

Available from 22.06.21, 19.00h till 27.06.21, 23.00h


Concept, Choreography: Britta Wirthmüller, Margret Dragu | Performer: Justine A. Chambers, Margaret Dragu, Britta Wirthmüller, William Wheeler

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