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10. June - 23. June 2021
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In “Allongé” Julian Weber continues his interdisciplinary approach, based on an examination of Constantin Brânçusi’s sculptural work in collaboration with a ballet dancer and a pole dancer. Brânçusi’s oeuvre and his pioneering formal and contextual approaches serve as a starting point for the development of a stage set which is investigated for its performative and choreographic potential. Through the collision of the different disciplines and dance styles, both opposites and parallels of these techniques are examined, as well as a potential entanglement of the styles. Further "Allongé" explores the possibilities of emancipation from defined role models and subject/object attributions through a contemporary perspective on tradition and handicraft.

You can find a trailer for the performance here.
An interview with Julian Weber you can find here.

Funded by Berliner Senat and Tanzfabrik Berlin.

You will find the link to the video from 10.06.21 here, then continuously available until 23.06.21.


Choreography, Set design: Julian Weber | Dance: Shade Théret, György Jellinek | Music: Evelyn Saylor | Light: Annegret Schalke | Costume: Don Aretino | Production: Juan Gabriel Harcha

Julian Weber is a choreographer/dancer and visual artist. He studied at HBK Brunswick and Academy of Arts Vienna. In 2013 he graduated in dance and choreography at HZT, Berlin. Since then Weber works intensively on spaces of interaction involving body, material and movement. In the last years he took part in several group-exhibitions, had different residences abroad and developed performances and exhibitions. He works with artists like Meg Stuart, Boris Charmatz and Tino Segahl. Weber develops his own works at the interface between choreography and visual art, in which he shifts the formats of exhibition and stage space into one another. In 2015 he won the Berlin Art Prize with his work the tourist.

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