26. August - 29. August 2021
Thu 26.08.21 20:30 Uhr
Fri 27.08.21 20:30 Uhr
Sat 28.08.21 20:30 Uhr
Sun 29.08.21 20:30 Uhr
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26. August 2021, 20:30 Uhr
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28. August 2021, 20:30 Uhr
29. August 2021, 20:30 Uhr

The dance performance "koerper.welle" is a multimedia research that turns the body into a medium. In two dialogic dance solos, choreographer Clébio Oliveira and his team investigate the waves of the physical and psychological, political and social catastrophe that also leaves its mark on us physically. What does our psycho-physical chronicle of the pandemic look like when we are suddenly forced to keep our physical distance in a globally interconnected world? From Berlin, we look to Brazil, to our own communities and, above all, to where people are radically subordinated to economic interests.

The pandemic comes in waves. It takes hold of the bodies and does not leave the spared untouched. The bodies flow into each other and depend on each other. Against this background, the dance performance searches for a contagiousness of bodily affects.

With the kind support of the Governing Mayor of Berlin, Senate Department for Cultural Affairs and Berlin Plakatkultur.


Concept/Choreography: Clébio Oliveira | Dance/creation: Zula Lemes, Christine Ceconello | Dramaturgy: Yasmine Salimi | Composition Music: Matresanch | Lighting design: Mirella Brandi | Lighting assistance: Raquel Rosildete | Costumes: Atelier Liyanova Migliorati | Video documentation: Zé de Paiva | Poster and flyer design: Markus Wagner | Photos: Tuca Paoli | Production: Elisa Calosi | P.R.: Yven Augustin


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Please comply to the distance, mask and hygiene regulations. Please bring a recent (within the last 24 hours), negative corona test result, a complete vaccination certificate or proof of recovery (incl. photo ID) to the event.

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15,00€ / ermäßigt 10,00€ at the box office, via Reservix plus booking fees

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Please note: Events can only be attended with 2G-PLUS negative test proof, i.e. admission is only possible upon presentation of a certificate of complete vaccination and/or a certificate of recovery from Covid-19 (photo ID for proof of identity must be carried). In addition presentation of an up to date negative test result from an official testing center is mandatory. Persons who have been vaccinated with a booster (min 15 days before) are exempt from the testing obligation!
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