21. August 2021
Sat 21.08.21 19:00 Uhr
Uferstudio 14

Daniela Incoronato Platform 14 1st edition quadratisch
Galerie Bilder ansehen
21. August 2021, 19:00 Uhr

We see dance as a basic human need. It is constantly developing and evolving in parallel to the evolution of society and the diversity of dance styles have a direct correlation to the diversity of people and society. "Paltform 14" gives space to this diversity, breaks down barriers between styles, lets them interact and brings to the theatre, what is yet not fully present there.

A place to create – a place to perform – a place to connect:
„PLATFORM 14“ is a showcase provided by artists to promote and support fellow up-and-coming artists, dancers, and choreographers. Here they have the opportunity for mutual artistic exchange in a workshop as well as the chance to present their work at a large studio.
Together with artists of all backgrounds and orientations, we hope to create a stimulating evening full of opportunities to strike up conversations, bond through our work, and share our passion for the art of dance with the audience.

PLATFORM 14 – 2nd edition 2021
Qabalum Colectivo de danza (Barcelona):"La levedad"
Alma Edelstein (Berlin): “Ode to Phanes”
Ivana Balabanova (Skopje): “Her own space”
Tanz Den Widerstand (Berlin): “POINT OF NO RETURN / revolutions of the beasts”
Hoyoung Im (Berlin):“ Euphoria”
Alessia Vinotto/The Current Dance Collective (Hamburg): “Meliae”
Mei Chen & Yannis Brissot (Pforzheim): "Very tiny little drop of wax"



artistic direction: Roosa Nirhamo, Aseel Qupty | workshop: Anna – Lise Hearn | lighting: Emma Julliard | sound: Ivan Bartsch | stage hands: Sanja Gergoric, Arnaud Lesage | technical direction Uferstudios: Milos Vujkoviç | video: Osama Al Hafiri, white flux productions | PR: Kerstin Böttcher | translations: Anna Baroud | photography: Daniela Incoronato | production: Christine Schmidt, Fenster zum Osten – shibak sharqi gGmbH

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