Body dialogue
01. August 2021
Sun 01.08.21 14:00 Uhr
in cooperation with the MA Choreography of the HZT Berlin

Akiles by Martin Muller quadratisch
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01. August 2021, 14:00 Uhr

Together, we examine the influence that the social environment and, in particular, the effect of the COVID19 protections and the distance regulations of 1.50 meters have on us.
We ask what relationship this places us in and how our relationships change. How much are our characters and our curiosity as humans affected?
Dancers dance in public space with objects, buildings, cars, trees and passers-by. We develop a physical practice and work with our presence in the space. It is about improvisation based on exercises and dialogues, about reaching another level of communication together. This includes "non-responses" - like people ignoring us, not noticing our presence or changing direction, as it is about the influence projected into the interactions that spontaneously take place. How much can the dancer move without being influenced by the reaction of the random audience - including ignorance, inattention or a funny incident? How connected are we to our atmosphere, the nature around us, the people and places?

In cooperation with the MA Choreography of the HZT Berlin.


Choreography: Akiles | Dance: Sabine, Dominique, Sirine

Akiles is from Iraq and choreographs primarily in social projects. He explores the potential of dance and choreography and researches to creating relationships through dance.

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