Never live twice & Moving Talk Show & OBJEKT 2
12. November - 13. November 2011
Sat 12.11.11 20:00 Uhr
Sun 13.11.11 20:00 Uhr
Seminarraum / Uferstudio 11 / Uferstudio 3

12. November 2011, 20:00 Uhr
13. November 2011, 20:00 Uhr

ZENA HANNA • Never live twice • Video • Seminarraum

Desire to shoot = necessity to frame movement through movement.

Practice = be a shakybiosteadicam

Process / procedure :

1- Make the movie

2- Make the storyboard

3- Sell the storyboard

4- Make a performance

5- Buy a video camera

=> 26 long takes

one battery accident in the middle of the best shooting - number 25

number 26 finally seemed ok

What do I do with that?

=> pardon technology and trust what I’ve missed, or the other way around

or 6- Sell the video camera and pay a professional editor


ze(i)na hanna, born on the 30th of September or 30th of November 1983, but for sure in Beirut; performer or choreographer dancer or director, depends on the mood; can move or read, currently training both at the same time; can cook and eat, idem. can complain or enjoy, idem. can't write a good bio but is working on it; open to any proposition of drawing lessons or piano lessons; finally decided to create a few pieces : working on Never live twice, master project for 2012 with Céline Larrère and Emmanuelle Santos. 1m90kleist: Legitimationsakte, studio Gorki theater, 16 november 2011, Berlin. Bones break and video tapes, Beirut 2010. Beirut indoor/outdoor, 2009. master in theater Paris 8 university 2010; performer in the french dance company voie.e 2008-2010; CDC Toulouse EXTENSIONS dance program 2007.


JASNA LAYES-VINOVRSKI • Moving Talk Show • Uferstudio 11

Following the track of her last performance "Under Construction", Jasna Layes Vinovrski continues investigating the relationship between language, movement and immediacy. This work attempts to disrupt the understanding we have of the three words moving, talk and show as well as our perception of "liveness." What happens now, for the first time and what was planned and rehearsed to happen?

"Host: So, what’s the name of your piece?

Guest: Moving Talk Show.

Host: Is this a real Talk Show?

Guest: Yes and no.

Host: What is it then?

Guest: It’s something between the Talk Show and the Performance

Host: And why is it called “moving”?

Guest: Because it’s moving between a Talk Show and a Performance

Host: And do you have guests in the show?

Guest: Yes, of course.

Host: Are they then playing guests or they are real guests?

Guest: They are real and they are playing.

Host: What do you mean?

Guest: I mean, how real am I to you? "



The starting point for "Object 2" was to work with light. Together with Florian Bach, we developed a concept based on light and performance in two weeks. Angela Munoz Martinez joint us in the process and I worked with her alone. The last team member was Julian Crotti who stepped in the project for the last two weeks. The very last week of the process was crucial as the whole team gathered for the first time. The work is based on suspense and tension. A big source of inspiration was The Shining by Stanley Kubrick and Der Lauf der Dinge by Peter Fischli and David Weiss.


Alexandre Achour completed a contemporary dance education at the London Contemporary Dance School (The Place) where he was awarded with the Robert Cohan Award. He is currently studying the Masterprogramme „Choreography“ at the HZT Berlin. Parallel to his dance career he choreographed his own work, Insert a coin and La costurera which were performed at The Place theatre. In 2009 Alexandre Achour was part of a transcultural residency, Dance Beyond Borders, where he choreographed A family resemblance performed at Dancekiosk festival in Hamburg. His latest work Objekt 1 was presented in Leipzig.



Zena Hanna Never live twice

Dancing in the video: Emmanuelle Santos On camera: Zena Hanna Assisting camera and piano: Céline Larrère Installation performance execution: Zena Hanna


Jasna Layes-Vinovrski Moving Talk Show

With: Nina Kurtela, Clément Layes, Isabel Lewis, Sonja Pregrad Special Guests: Justin F. Kennedy (12.11.), Felix Marchand (13.11.) Idea and choreography: Jasna Layes Vinovrski Music: Ariel Efraim Ashbel Dramaturgic assistance: Clément Layes Stage: Jasna Layes Vinovrski Technical support: Maximilian Stelzl & Nikola Pieper Mentor: Florian Feigel Production: In the frame of the MA Choreography at the HZT Berlin


Alexandre Achour OBJEKT 2

Concept & direction: Alexandre Achour Light designer: Florian Bach Performers: Angela Munoz, Julian Crotti & Alexandre Achour


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