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Berlin Mondiale


Berlin Mondiale unites children, young people and young adults with a refugee background and arts and culture institutions in Berlin. The creative encounters take place all over the city and across all genres, both in the refugee accommodation centres as well as in the cultural institutions. The principle of the collaboration is the forming of tandem partnerships between one cultural institution and one refugee centre.

Since its founding in 2014, Uferstudios GmbH has been a partner of Mondiale. Together with our partner Mobile Dance e.V. and well over 80 Berlin artists, we work with children and women of refugees in our neighborhoods. The program ranges from workshops to film documentaries to small concerts. We hold a dance party and regularly invite our friends, partners, artists, colleagues and residents to dance and celebrate together.

Berlin Mondiale is a project by the Berlin Council for the Arts (Rat für die Künste Berlin) in collaboration with the Cultural Network Neukölln (Kulturnetzwerk Neukölln e. V.), With the support of the Berlin Refugee Council association in Berlin (Flüchtlingsrats Berlin e. V.), funded by Berlin Senate Administration Culture and Europe (Senatsverwaltung Kultur und Europa/Kulturprojekte Berlin im Rahmen des Masterplans Integration und Sicherheit).

Coronavirus (COVID-19)
All events till the 2.11.2020 are subject to a reduced number of spectators. Reservation including contact details are requested, as well as mouth-nose protection until you reach your seat and physical distancing.
Uferstudios supporting the Berlin "Declaration of the Many" for an open society!