The Berlin residency program of Uferstudios, funded by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe, offered a total of 5 projects in 2021 the opportunity to promote different working methods and themes as an alternative to the usual funding and production practices. In terms of content, two different residencies were offered, each intended to benefit different phases of development of artistic work and for which artists who have their main focus of work in Berlin could apply.

The residency "SITUATIVE WORKING - SITUATED LEARNING" offered research and working residencies that focused on choreographic, participatory and/or process-oriented works that took place in close exchange with the neighborhood as well as the urban society. The residencies on "TRIALS AND REVISITING" promoted experimental work phases before the start of production, body-based, exploratory work on a project before the conception phase of a new idea, the revision of existing works with the elaboration of a specific focus, as well as deepening and learning within the framework of a project through the input/expert knowledge from outside.




In the frame of the Berlin Residency program, the collective KAPUTT, consisting of Pilar Villadangos and Valeria Oviedo, were invited to work from the beginning of August till the midst of September 2021 at Heizhaus. Their project about migration started with interviews with people from the migrant communities of Berlin, recording their voices and experiences. From there, the project evolved to a collaboration with different associations and artists that deal with migration: In several workshops the group and their associated artists worked together with members of the different communities on questions of arriving and departing somewhere, creating a community themselves within the process. Their collected experiences and voice recordings were part of several urban interventions which took place in September in different districts of Berlin.
Photographer: Alejandro Ramos | Performer: Giulia Rossi | Direction: KAPUTT (Valeria Oviedo and Pilar Villadangos) | Production & Video Projection: Valeria Oviedo | Costume Design: Forough Absalan | Music & Sound Design: Aloe | Visual Art for poster: Ximena Gutiérrez | Videographer for short film: Farahat Khalil


Kevin Bonono2

Kevin Bonono has been invited to revisit his project A sensation of a truth as part of "TRIALS AND REVISITING" at Uferstudios for Winter 2021. The project premiered at Galerie Wedding in August 2021. A Sensation of a Truth (about the gaze and its effects on human behaviors) is a conversational work about the perception of one self in relation to the etiquettes attached to. Taking into consideration the political, social, and personal overview of how appearances, cultural background and fashion in the larger sense are appraised and shape our behavior. The outcome is being isolated, restricted, controlled or watched. The way Black and queer bodies face the gazes and attributions that address them are a preoccupation of Kevin Bonono’s work.
Through a longstanding engagement with gaze, Bonono continued while the residency his studies about the different codes and vocabulary that minorities use – or sometimes lack – to recognise one another. This vocabulary is part of a larger identity struggle.
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: “A single story creates stereotypes and the problem with stereotypes is not that they are untrue but that they are incomplete…”

Lea Kieffer

With the project Meluzine & Cie (Spending time with mermaids), Lea Kieffer (aka Meluzine Codex Mercury) dedicated the Berlin residency to the recurrent figure of her work in the past year: the cosmic mermaid. In company with other artists/creatures, such as dancer/drummer Ángela Muñoz Martínez (aka Jupiter Sonic Smith), dancers Frida Guilia Franceschini ( aka Morticia Moon X) and Rocio Marano ( aka Yawna Galactica), musician Nina Hynes (aka Vulna Zinazia), dancer/ writer Timothée Nay (aka Colin Danger) and punctual guests, Lea Kieffer aimed to awaken their inner mermaid and explored in the frame of the Berlin residency movement-voice connections, song writing, storytelling, lapdancing, somatic shapeshifting, apnee and growing tail training, as well as build aquatico-cosmic landscapes and costumes made of shells, sea creature prints from 90’s recycled sheets, neon-lights sculptures and other found treasures.


Joni Barnard

In the frame of the Berlin Residency “TRIALS AND REVISITING”, Joni Barnard continued working on their collaborative performance Danse Macabre and the Burning of the Bugs. The project is a tragic-comic response to the current species extinction in the insect world, the horror of the Bug Apocalypse and the absurdity of humankind’s violent destruction of our habitat. Joni invited the videographer Elisa Purfürst, the dancer-performer Liselotte Singer, Marc Philipp Gabriel as a visiting performer and dramaturg and Tizo All for costume and scenic design and conception. For the residency the artists concentrated on creating soundscapes and layering realtime making and projected images to the performance. As further input, they consulted experts on insects based in and around Berlin and researched deeply the team's experience, bias and discrimination towards interspecies interconnectedness.


Tzeshi Lei

Tzeshi Lei’s research project took place in autumn of 2021. The project tried to explore the collective creation of trans-cultural contemporary magic in choreographic forms within the urban context. It was meant as a platform and creative plus critical safe space to bring different groups into exchange and co-creation, reflecting on the inherent choreographic dynamics of love, power and sexuality.

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