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Performance Situation Room (PSR)






PERFORMANCE SITUATION ROOM is a European thought space, an innovation hub, an international incubator. It allows LLB, its players and most of all the benefiting artists, writers, theoreticians, multipliers and audiences to apply their skills spontaneously on emerging situations, locally and internationally, by devising formats entirely depending on the relevant scenario.

Berlin is realizing a PERFORMANCE SITUATION ROOM also involving refugees currently residing in Germany as part of their collaboration with the initiative “Mondiale”, a city wide network of tandems between cultural institutions and inhabitants of refugee accommodations. LLB project partner UferStudios has been active member of the network since its start in 2014 and stable work-relationships have since then evolved between local artists and artists with refugee status, coming from different disciplines - i.e. musicians, dancers, graphic designers.



“Voneinander Lernen / Common Learning - Bodily Knowledge in the Social Sphere” laboratory


A group of artists, guided by Constanze Schellow and Simone Willeit, addressed the issue of mutual learning on local level in the format of Performance Situation Room, by creating for the period of over 2 months, a research laboratory of Berlin artists and visitors from the Neighborhood, framed around issues of teaching physical knowledge to non-dancers and the sensitization of kinesthetic cognition in a participatory setting.
This went hand in hand with a deeper analysis and question: How can an art scene, that tends to close itself up, be expanded within its context? And to what extent are our working constellations in the art field enriched by the involvement of experts or non-experts, from other fields and professional practices?

A final development of the PSR#1 Group for the 2018/2019 module took place in the form of a durational community event in the Heizhaus space of Uferstudios, in which various initiatives and connections made during the laboratory project, came together for a performative celebration: HouseHeating at AUSUFERN 


PSR#1 Group:
Mila Pavicevic, Juli Reinartz, Sheena McGrandles, Modjgan Hashemian, Stefan Hölscher, Lea Martini, Simone Willeit, Constanze Shellow




This Project is supported by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.
The Berlin section receives partial funding through the co-financing-fund of the Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa.

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