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Heizhaus is both a historical and a contemporary space full of potential. We wish it to be a space of unlikely encounters between different people from diverse backgrounds and different artistic, political, and social contexts. It is a messy playground for all of us and our dances. It is my community center, your dance hall, their gathering space, her teaching studio, your forum for thinking, and our performance space. It is accessible and open to all who want to engage with the space and the idea.

Projects in Heizhaus are process-oriented, focusing on the question what happens when we meet. The space functions like an organism in which the different parts are referring to and feeding into one another. At the same time, its sensuous connections to the outside are its life lines: In Heizhaus, we want to engage with other practices already taking place outside of Uferstudios. We want to re-view our own artistic practices in the light of their social and political embeddedness and make it possible for you to develop yours. We want to experiment with the time conventions of artistic production. We want to support practices and works that include and address more than one community. When we speak of unlikely encounters and messy playgrounds, we hope for the radical permeability of different artistic, political, and social contexts. Departing from dance, we however encourage projects of all disciplines that take into consideration other disciplines to engage with this space. Welcome to experimentation and the entangled messiness of animating this space together!

For us, Heizhaus functions like an incubator: breeding ideas, practices, alternative habits, and senses. Come and make it yours, give it your warmth, your colours, and your feels. Use it as your tentacular organ. Work on something new, invite people you always wanted to meet, reinvent your practice, change your time economy, share what you don’t know yet and learn from everything that is happening around. Let’s spend time differently. Let´s spend it together.

We are looking for:
- Ways of working and presentation formats which use unusual ways to collaborate. Challenging dialogues, unlikely encounters with people beyond your usual circles. We are looking for ideas who take a risk.
- Processes that attempt to reformulate one’s own artistic practice in the light of its social and political context.
- Formats in which we spend time together differently than we are used to in performance/theater contexts. How do we spend time? What is possible, what is urgent, what brings in something new?
- Processes/timeframes can be long or short and do not need to result in a performance in the end. Heizhaus is however not meant only as rehearsal space.
- Please reflect the accessibility of these formats for different bodies and different modes of perception.
- Processes that encourage learning from each other. How can we try out something new and learn together?
- Ideas who team up with activities in and around Uferstudios. How can we bring activities from the neighborhood into the Heizhaus and people from Heizhaus to the neighborhood?

All events at Heizhaus shall be free of charge. Donations are possible, but with no suggestion of amount.


PSR Collective

PSR is an informal collective of Berlin based artists and cultural workers with a background in dance and dance theory (Lea Martini, Sheena McGrandles, Modjgan Hashemian, Stefan Hölscher, Mila Pavićević, Juli Reinartz, Simone Willeit). In mid-2018, they came together, in the context of a Performance Situation Room, a module of the EU network Life Long Burning, to examine the topicality of the term "social choreography", to re-examine it and to reformulate it in the practice to come. On the initiative of Uferstudios, this practice was then able to unfold in relation to a concrete site, namely through the development of a concept for the use of the Heizhaus as a site for artistic research.

Since then the collective meets regularly, grows further together and moulds concepts and working strategies in the tumult of daily life. In 2019 the fulminant opening of the newly renovated Heizhaus took place. PSR situated a 25h long event as a foretaste of unlikely encounters and different ways of spending time together.

All members of PSR have different practices concerning their aesthetics and means. What does connect them is an interest in choreographic procedures that activate social openings and engagement and an understanding of their work with people / networks / clusters / organisms / families outside the dance scene as a drive for one´s own artistic practice.

Most of the PSR artists are also engaged as mentors, cultural workers, and teachers.

Here you can watch the introduction video of PSR.

 Heizhaus PSR


Q&A Section

1. What is the vision for Heizhaus?

Heizhaus is not a venue in the usual sense: Its purpose is not to display productions but to open up processes both within artistic fields and towards other contexts and environments. The wish is to focus on artistic research and knowledge exchange and on the social and political realities and responsibilities as cultural workers within those structures. It is imagined as a space for “unlikely encounters.” By "unlikely encounters" we mean encounters between contexts, environments, practices, and people which usually do not intersect. What we hope for is not just hybridity but the encounter of those who usually stay apart from each other. We envision a place with open doors where different practices merge into each other. A place where we foster and develop different temporalities and ways of doing and working together. We imagine a messy playground in which we can enjoy and experiment with open eyes, open mouths, and open minds.


2. What did we do so far and what are we planning to do?

In October 2019, we organized the “Househeating” of the Heizhaus, a 25 hours event with many different formats of coming together and different collaborators. We will continue to work with them in upcoming projects and also invite new collaborators in the coming year. In the following year, the main focus of our program is a series of residencies by and with PSR funded by Spartenoffen Förderung, called OUR DANCE, revolving around the central question: What is your dance? It examines the hybridity of cultures and cultural techniques and asks for biographical elements. The series approaches embodiment as a shared space of memory and offers a connection to a biographical as well as socio-political and (inter)cultural context. In September 2020, we will be part of Tanznacht. We will host the festival center in Heizhaus and organize a format to which we invite artists, people from the neighborhood, and some experts to talk with each other about topics such as polyamorous love, parenthood, etc. We will also host a party on one of those evenings.

Our regular activities include:

- Weekly training for everybody – a physical training open for movement lovers of any age, run by Lea Martini / PSR, Diego Agulló / neuehäute, and regular participants. Times: Thursdays from 19-21h in Studio 16.

- Monthly laid-back discussion format with tea: The Caretakers – people from dance and other fields pick one artist / artwork to start a conversation that allows questioning, associating, and gnawing that exceeds usual foyer situations.

- Feminist bookclub is taking place once every 2 weeks; it combines readings from political theory and literature. Speaking and reading language is German.

- Monthly shared practice – a peer-to-peer space for dance makers to match the needs for trying out ideas close to or far away from one’s own artistic process. A chance to meet (new) colleagues in action.


3. Who is PSR and how do we work?

PSR collective are Lea Martini, Sheena McGrandles, Modjgan Hashemian, Stefan Hölscher, Mila Pavićević, Juli Reinartz, and Simone Willeit. In 2018 Uferstudios invited us to think together about the future of a new space for artistic research, Heizhaus. It was a chain invitation, so invited people could each invite someone else, which brought together a rather new combination of people. We never worked in this constellation before, it was sort of an experiment, a gathering of a certain number of “strangers”. Since 2018 the collective has been working together mostly on a voluntary basis following different rhythms of our daily and artistic lifes and at different speeds and intensities. It was, and it still is, a slow cooking process; where we make decisions together, constantly discussing our aesthetics and ethics when working together. Our collective is also not finished and the desire for the future is to invite new members and eventually hand over the space to others.


4. How do we organize the accesss to the space? 

We think of Heizhaus as a space that is accessible not through curation along our taste but through the criteria that we have developed in the past two years. Projects that fit one or more criteria can become part of the program schedule. The criteria are published and accessible to read for everyone before getting in contact with us in the preamble. They might also change through the practice of hosting the space. Also, it might change with the people being part of PSR. The opening statement will therefore be updated sometimes.
We focus on the processes of production, not necessarily on performative outcomes. This means that sharings of your work process can take multiple forms, times, and durations.
There is a three-boxes policy on the costs of the space in place: if your project is fully funded, half or not funded it makes a difference. Let us know what the status is of your project and we can talk.
Heizhaus can be accessible with a wheelchair and is a heated space. We will support projects to make their events barrier free beyond that as much as we can and will have a conversation about the options with each project beforehand.


5. Do we collaborate with others?

Heizhaus is anchored in Uferstudios. That way, all partners of Uferstudios are associated in a special kind of way with the Heizhaus.
The artist collective neuehäute (former Agora), will run the culinary dimensions at the Heizhaus complex and develop an artistic program of events in the foyer. Whenever it is possible we will work and think together about events and overlaps.
For “Househeating” in 2019 every person of the PSR collective had invited another artist or group to participate and take over Heizhaus for a certain amount of time. By way of that, we wanted to give an initial impulse for a successive spread of people and initiatives associated with Heizhaus who are interested in further collaboration or the realisation of their own projects in the space.
Artists, art projects, or institutions who worked or will work at Heizhaus between autumn 2019 and spring 2021 are...

Diego Agulló
Medhat Aldaabal
Klima Bani
Patricia Bateira
Sebastian Blasius
Rory Biddulph
Matilda Carlid
Dirk Cieslak
Sandhya Daemgen
Pepe Dayaw
Oliver Doerell
Max Eriksson
Orsat Franković, Flomaster
Florence Freitag
Kaveh Ghaemi
Bella Hager
Martin Hansen
Ali Hasan
Eva-Maria Hörster
Lee Méir
House of Melody
Fritz Thyssen-Projekt „Kollektive Vergegenwärtigung – Der Workshop als künstlerisch-politisches Format”, Institut für Theaterwissenschaft, RUB (Bochum)
Jacob Kovner
Camille Lacadée
Life Long Burning
Making a Difference
Baba Manouche
Giulia Messia
Sergiu Matis
Sebastian Matthias
Farhang Moshtagh
Sophia New
DJ Obstsalat
ongoing project, sisterqueens / MÄDEA
Giulia Paolucci
Robert Prideaux
Goran Sergej Pristaš
Shahrzad Rahmani
Liz Rosenfeld
Karl Ruben
Tanzfabrik Berlin
Tanznacht Berlin
Teo S.Vlad
Stefannie Wenner / Ferment, Mutterkorn
Marie Luise Würth
Siegmar Zacharias
Jasna Jasna Zmak


6. How can you get involved?

Although the program for 2020 is quite full, there will always be possibilities for spontaneous encounters, pop up projects, new project ideas, your dances, workshops, and many future collaborations that we cannot foresee. If your project fits the criteria, or you want to join our regular activity, or propose a regular activity, please, do not hesitate to contact us at: psr@heizhaus.net.
Also for 2021 and beyond we would be happy to receive your project ideas and collaborate on applications together. PSR does not have a legal entity to give Spielstättenbescheingungen, but it is open to start a process with Uferstudios and other partners.
If you would like to be part of PSR or collaborate, please contact us.
Let us know if you would like to join us, get engaged in curating, production, and organisation.

For the establishment of an emergency fund for cultural and other civil society organizations to actively support Ukrainian and Russian colleagues threatened by the war.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Rules for visitors
We recommend wearing a mask! Distance regulations and routing must be kept on site. Partial capacity reduction. Individual admission regulations apply to the respective events! Please always inform yourself about this on the respective event pages!
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