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For whom:
Berlin-based choreographers/dancers.

Residency 1: 4 weeks period 11.10. - 07.11.2021, deadline: 23.09.21
Residency 2: 4 weeks period October 2021 - February 2022 distributed and in coordination, deadline: 23.09.21

Profile of residencies:
In the wake of “projectitis”, there is often a feeling of producing, premiering, guesting... that's it. Often there is much more to artistic works than seems possible in such a production mode, not only because time and finances make it difficult, but also because the focus is always on something "final". This is true both for an exploratory artistic experimentation before it comes to the "production thought", before "something" can be "said" in thoughts, words, writing and applications. But it also applies very often ”afterwards” when the work is already there, and also comes reasonably close to what you started with in your imagination/body, but just not quite hit it yet. Resumptions and touring offer a small chance to re-start and improve again, but they follow the mere production thought as much as the original way of working. Perhaps you need the time and the courage to "tear open" the project again and to penetrate into the depth, width, surface, length, height of the actual work.....
Both residencies try to give space to these aspects of artistic creation.


a) Offers the possibility to revisit an existing artistic work, i.e. an "old" production can be revised, certain aspects that have not worked satisfactorily in the original version or have not yet received the attention that would have been necessary can be worked on. You might overhaul the dramaturgy or the lighting design, work repeatedly on specific physical practices, add important aspects of content to the production, want to make it barrier-free, etc.
b) you had to create a format due to the pandemic or produce your work in a medium that was not your originally intended medium. The residency offers time to bring the "produced" format back into the other form, to rethink it, to transform it into another medium. This also applies the other way around: you have seen the potential of other media than your "usual" ones and would like to transfer an existing art work into another form/format/medium.

In both versions you have time to focus on “the other, the alteration" you long for, and are able to achieve this by seeking help from others: you might want support from new mentors/experts/peers joining the team, to work on exactly those new aspects. Please explain in your application where you think the "deficiency" of the “original” was - or why you think it is NOT done with a repetition of the same work, but it needs a longer period of time for changes/precisions/deepening; For a better understanding we kindly ask you to send the first/original version (or excerpts) of the work you want to work on.


Exploratory work: it is close to research, but not quite the same. This residency is aimed at the phase before the project idea. You have an idea that is located somewhere inside you, and you can't yet put your finger on what and how it will become. You have space in different periods of time to pursue this "something", with the means of your choice: i.e. you might have a physical practice that prevents you from thinking of choreography differently, and you want to unlearn this practice in order to find other approaches?! You wanted to experiment and sensate how music spreads into your fasciae - without knowing where it leads?! …. Forget these examples, they are 2 out of 1000s that you might think of…. and want to follow….


● Monthly stipend of 2000€ for the dancers/choreographers participating full-time in the project (core group, max. 5 people).
● Working space for a period of 3-4 weeks; Residency 1: 11.10.10. - 07.11.2021 (period only slightly negotiable); Residency 2: period October 2021 - February 2022 (exact periods tbd)

● Research and honorarium budget for commissioning/inviting external collaborators, experts*, guests, as well as for research and working materials
● Provision of technical equipment over the entire period (subject to agreement and availability) and technical support (at least 32H and additionally subject to agreement and availability)
● Providing support and advice, and if requested: general public relations for public and semi-public moments of the residency.
● The residency is explicitly NOT accompanied by public presentations on one of the Uferstudios stages; informal sharings, showings are possible by arrangement.
● Only in justified exceptional cases: Travel expenses for one-time arrival and departure (max. 2 persons).


● Residents (core group= grant-holder) must be professional dancers / choreographers based in Berlin.
● grant-holder must NOT have received another grant (Stipendium) from the Berlin Senate in 2021.
● Interest in exchange with peers and openness to share work processes with other resident artists and curators of the other Berlin residency program providers
● A final report at the end of the residency by the principal investigator is required.

Residencies will be awarded through an open call. Selection will be based on an assessment of the specificity and/or experimental nature of the project as well as their plausibility of feasibility.


The application deadline is September 23, 2021 Please send:
- a short statement about your project (max. 1800 characters, incl. LZ) - details see above.
- a short bio of the people involved or link to the website
- for Residence 1, a video link to the project you are working on
- please mark clearly for which residency you are applying (Residency 1 or Residency 2)
All in PDF format (one complete file) please send to



- Grants issued by an agency with federal funds (e.g. Dis-Tanzen, Take That/Fonds DaKu, etc.) are NO reasons for exclusion from applying to the residency.
- The principal investigators (fellows) of the residency must have a clear biographical background as dancers or choreographers; it is not sufficient that the research/work contains (also or exclusively) dance/choreographic aspects.

The residencies ERPROBUNGEN UND VERTIEFUNGEN of Uferstudios GmbH are part of the Residency Program Dance, funded by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe.


Residencies for testing and revisiting for Berlin-based choreographers and dancers. Deadline on September 23!
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