Berge der Sehnsucht (Mountains of Desire)
Uferstudio 14

QUAD Mountains
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Fri 25.05.18 19:00 Uhr
Sat 26.05.18 19:00 Uhr
Sun 27.05.18 17:00 Uhr

The work on “Mountains of Desire” began in 2017 during an international meeting of young dancers from Berlin and Athens, organized in cooperation with the Gesundbrunnen elementary school in Wedding , under the supervision and guidance of the greek-born choreographer Kosmas Kosmolpoulos who lives and works in Berlin.

In “Mountains of desire” five dancers are on stage for almost one hour sharing their personal stories with each other as well as with the audience. Their language is a reduced one, personal and invidivual but at the same time universal. They tell stories about their escapes, moments of upheaval and their big and small longings. They go in search of the mountains of desire. A polar bear has an equally important role sharing its own individual story. Their memories, diaries, a choreographer, a composer and dramaturge are the supporters and guiders of this journey.

This piece is about the yearning for a better world and all the consequences that it might have, such as the displacement, the difficulties during the journey and finally the arrival that no one can guarantee convenience. The process of readjustment in new conditions, envelopes new challenges, such as Immigration, which is a regional and national subject. An important and particular element of this piece is the fact that it is not developed and rehearsed separately from its direct environment, but in close and constant exchange with an “art-remote” neighborhood in Wedding, often with a migration background, which is characterized above average by poverty, isolation and general hopelessness.

These performances are organised by LUNA PARK / Weinmeisterhaus e.V. in cooperation with the Gesundbrunnen Primary School and supported by the Projektfonds of the QM Badstraße within the urban development assistance programme Social City.


Performance: Angeliki Anargirou, Maria Kandylaki, Nikoleta Koutitsa, Vasilis Arvanitakis, Eiji Takeda

Artistic direction, concept and choreography: Kosmas Kosmopoulos

Dramaturgical advice: Stella Dimitrakopoulou

Original music: Antonios Palaskas

Curatorial advice: Gm Touliatou

Text: Kai Pichmann

Technique and light design: Dimitrios Stamatis

Stage design and costumes: Michael Graessner

Production assistance: Khaled Rezek, Kai Pichmann, Marianiki Pagoni

Photography and documentation: Giovanni Lo Curto, Gm Touliatou

Public relations: Barbara Gstaltmayr

Production: LUNA PARK and Kosmas Kosmopoulos in cooperation with Weinmeisterhaus e.V. / Berlin.

Financially supported in the frame of the project “ANPASSUNGEN” in cooperation with the Gesundbrunnen Primary School, within the urban development assistance programme Social City / Projektfonds QM Badstraße.

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