PORTRAITS IM EXIL 2020 - Bröllin/Berlin
Christel Brink-Przygodda
Philippe Veyrunes
Uferstudio 1

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Fri 21.08.20 19:00 Uhr
Sat 22.08.20 19:00 Uhr

As COLLECTIF K-LI-P (Körper-Lumiere-Installation-Performance), German choreographer Christel Brink Przygodda and French visual artist Phillipe Veyrunes combine videos, texts, music, and movement to create open, interactive walk-through spaces for movement and experience that can be created anew in different locations.
In their 2016/2017 project “EGODOCUMENT – Inszenierung der eigenen Existenz,” the artists made their first foray into working with participants who were refugees, providing a space to contend with diverse experiences of exodus and migration. In 2018/2019 with “PORTRAITS IM EXIL,” they continued to develop their approach by seeking out young migrant adults and artists. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, featured during the presentation in the form of video modules, served as inspiration in the creative process for PORTRAITS. Participants were asked questions regarding life in exile, centered around the theme of uncharted territory, exploring everything from their experiences of a new and foreign place to their hopes and dreams. From their answers emerged a series of disparate portraits (or self-portraits), each a unique response to the enduring and ever-pressing issues of migration and exile that confront us all.

For the first time, PORTRAITS IM EXIL 2020 – Bröllin/Berlin is bringing participants from all facets of the project together to create a production that transcends borders. Each participant’s story within the walk-through installation and performance contributes to an insightful, powerful scene inside the life of exile, allowing the viewer to experience each individual’s unique path into a new community and a new life. Who are we? Where do we come from? How do we experience ourselves in this new territory?

A COLLECTIF K-LI-P production in co-production with Fenster zum Osten – shibak sharqi gGmbH and in collaboration with schloss bröllin e.V. This project was made possible by the federal program “Demokratie leben” and the support of BTD Berlin Institut Français as well as the initiative “Pasewalk hilft.”


Concept and Choreography: Christel Brink Przygodda | Concept and Installation: Philippe Veyrunes | Soundtrack: COLLECTIF K-LI-P based on a composition by Matija Strnisa | Performance: Christel Brink Przygodda, Philippe Veyrunes, Dyala Ghanam, Mohammed Diban, Ghaith Noori, Aseel Qupty, Uta Maske, Rahima Gossani | assistant producer: Christine Schmidt

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