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Thu 19.08.21 19:00 Uhr

Whatever may come, there will be a tomorrow! Tomorrow we are more resilient, more feminist, more optimistic and more connected. From among its pool of creatives, InterCollectiveBerlin offers four stylistically diverse pieces, all infected by each other and by the only true virus: that of a passion for dance and a desire for the future.

Dear Future
Who was I? Who am I? Who will I be? Three dancers send a message in a bottle to
the future.
Choreography: Stephanie Zaharova | Dance: Giuliana Corsi Kolling, Abdullah Hatem

In an utterly new world, in radically different circumstances, how do we take hold of the reins and steer ourselves towards the future?
Choreography: Abdullah Hatem | Dance: Maher Abdul Moaty, Oussama Cherief, Abdullah Hatem, Amalie Stitz Berwald

hunna / ھُ َّن
Seated across from one another the colors of their experiences and their history swirl together in a sea of past, present, and future.
Choreography: Maher Abdul Moaty | Dance: Sarah Al Faouri, Christine Schmidt, Frederikke Schultz, Amalie Stitz Berwald

While femininity is seen as a flaw (falha), we must liberate ourselves from antiquated ideas and conditioning, and rediscover ourselves in new, unique modes of life that correspond to our individuality as female (dissidência).
Choreography: Giuliana Corsi Kolling | Dance: Emma Hedemann, Pamela Moraga Mellado, Roosa Nirhamo, Saja Noori, Frederikke Schultz, Stephanie Zaharova


A Fenster zum Osten – shibak sharqi gGmbH production in collaboration with InterCollectiveBerlin, kindly supported by Theaterhaus Mitte – Förderband e.V., Uferstudios GmbH, Piano Salon Berlin.



4 choreographies by: Maher Abdul Moaty, Giuliana Corsi Kolling, Abdullah Hatem, Stephanie Zaharova

dance: Maher Abdul Moaty, Oussama Cherief, Giuliana Corsi Kolling, Sarah al Faouri, Abdullah Hatem, Emma Hedemann, Pamela Moraga Mellado, Roosa Nirhamo, Saja Noori, Lina Marie Rohde, Amalie Stitz Berwald, Frederikke Schultz, Stephanie Zaharova | music: Ali Al Masri, Miquel Cantero Lastre and others | lighting: Emma Julliard | sound: Ivan Bartsch | stage hands: Sanja Gergoric, Arnaud Lesage | technical direction Ufer_Studios: Milos Vujkovic | video: Osama Al Hafiri, white flux productions | PR: Kerstin Böttcher | translations: Anna Baroud | photography: Daniela Incoronato | production: Christine Schmidt, Fenster zum Osten – shibak sharqi gGmbH

InterCollectiveBerlin is a multicultural group of movement artists founded in 2020 with dancers hailing from Syria, Finland, Brazil, Iraq, Algeria, Denmark, and Germany, all of whom met in Berlin. Pieces created by ICB mirror the artists’ diverse backgrounds and artistic visions. At the heart of ICB is our desire to exchange ideas, to learn from each other and support one another, and to combine our various cultural experiences representing Europe, South America, and the Middle East. Following the dance film 24hours lining out a co living setting, we present Tomorrow as our second production in Berlin.

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