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“NAH DRAN” is a performance series for Berlin based emerging choreographers. It provides an opportunity to present new pieces, finished or in process. The format assembles 3 pieces by different young artists in one performance evening. “NAH DRAN” (“close to”) means that there is literally no gap between performers and audience, which offers an intimate setting for sharing the work.
“NAH DRAN extended” means that the works were selected under a specific curatorial aspect. This edition assembles three works in which the artists have embarked on journeys: Crossing borders, breaking systems, and looking at the earth from above. All four artists began their choreographic journeys during the first and second corona lockdowns at ada studio, took transit through the virtual world, and now come back to the studio where they were missed. Where an audience was missed. Where we all missed pieces about journeys and other adventures. Where we now finally all come together to tell each other about what was and what is.

Akiles: Trance
Voices that drift in waves, densify and interact together generating notions and movement. We do not only hear sound anymore, for sounds set a mood immediately as these voices start to grow into an image begotten from our perception. This is how the small atomic details form an image out of audible input directly forming visual output. Painting an image of a “what if” situation in a one time slot, what if people’s actions succeeded using true voices of real people from revolutions,demonstrations and protests from different parts of the world. What if everything went into silence? In this time, “what if?” becomes void of value as the event series cease inside the silence. This one time slot is not attached to any memories or expectations or reactions. It assimilates a state that was never experienced. Consequently, other what if questions arise: what would have been our aspirations as humans if there weren’t action for us to react to? Were my aspirations genuine or were they mostly the outcome of my reaction to actions encountered throughout my life. An aftershock of that image perceived during many years of voices.


Elvan Tekin: to be a fish in a raki bottle
‘I wish I were a fish in a raki bottle’ Orhan Veli Kanik
The last verse of the poem ‘Eskiler Aliyorum (tr. I buy rags)’ by the Turkish poet Orhan Veli reveals itself as a metaphysical quest; feelings of desperation leading to the fantasy of being “a fish in a raki bottle.” The fish symbolises the fragility of existence within its ecosystem which relates to the impotence of the peoples in Turkey in the face of political and economic challenges across the country; the ontological crisis faced by the individual leads to the creation of Utopia, and the frantic attempt to overcome reality through Dionysian feasts and celebrations.


cobracobra (Sharón Mercado Nogales & Kiana Rezvani): Earth Beings
We both share a parallel geographical background. Where we come from, the horizon has no form, it is a snake under the earth moving around and creating what we call mountains. We came to realize that their presence constantly shifts and transforms their environment and we carry the same force in our bodies too. We asked ourselves, are we a mountain too? Living in Berlin we felt the absence of mountains. We arrive at a virtual geo-choreography through google earth, ceremonies, foot dances and exercises of memory, grieving a loss and mourning an exploitation.

From 10:00 am on Monday, November 15, 2021, through 11:59 pm on Thursday, November 18, 2021, the video stream of the live event will be available at


Akiles: Trance
Choreography & Performance: Akiles | Sound: Calvin Lanz | Production: Sirine Malas

cobracobra (Sharón Mercado Nogales & Kiana Rezvani): Earth Beings
Concept & Performance: cobracobra (Sharón Mercado Nogales & Kiana Rezvani)
Sound mix: Sharón Mercado Nogales
Sources: Jiwaki by Miguel Llanque, Genesis by Navid Afghah, Sicureada Fiesta Corpus Christi Puerto Acosta

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