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Clara Gervais
Jung Sun Kim
Leila Patzies
Lena Reyle
Johanna Seiler
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Why death was just death 2 Corali Maluquer quadrat
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“NAH DRAN” is a performance series for Berlin based emerging choreographers. It provides an opportunity to present new pieces, finished or in process. The format assembles 3 pieces by different young artists in one performance evening. “NAH DRAN” (“close to”) means that there is literally no gap between performers and audience, which offers an intimate setting for sharing the work.

Leila Patzies & Bláthin Eckhardt: Why death was just death
Why death was just death deals with depression, death, individuality and togetherness. The longing for death as a consequence of a diseased society in which the individual can hardly fulfill his primary needs for happiness and harmonious coexistence.
A text excerpt from the book “Tokyo Blues” by Haruki Murakami is a further inspiration for the piece and has been incorporated into the performance by Bláthin Eckhardt in the form of read text and improvisation with excerpts of the text.
A play with the viewer’s perception, with the mind. A sensory overload?

Jung Sun Kim & Clara Gervais: funky serenade
In funky serenade the dancer, the double bass (player) and the pre-recorded tape music follow, parallelly and independently from one another, their own interests and structures within the very stringent corset of a 17-16th bar marked by an ongoing metronome. Playing between the constraint of being locked in this strong rhythmic corset and the pleasure that might be found in repetitions and/or linear developments, the two bodies of the performers shape together a complex and unpredictable counterpoint, both visual and sonorous, reflecting on the old question of difference and repetition.

Lena Reyle & Johanna Seiler: The Core – the art of speaking one language
Two artforms, one language – one body and one voice meet in effortless communication: The duo’s skillfully crafted improvisations arise solely from the inspiration of the moment.
“Have we been witnessing a body sing and a voice dance?
No, somehow both were singing, both dancing, in concert.”


Why death was just death: Concept, choreography & dance: Leila Patzies | Music: Bláthin Eckhardt, Borna Kafaie (Soundscape) | Projection: Kristopher Guarniz

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