In Return
Uferstudio 5 and surroundings

Sandra Man quadrat
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Wed 23.02.22 19:00 Uhr
Thu 24.02.22 18:00 Uhr
Fri 25.02.22 18:00 Uhr
Sat 26.02.22 18:00 Uhr

We are here, together. We are somewhere else, alone. Between the here and now of community and the vastness of being alone, In Return takes place. The work began as an exploration of paradise as a special place: space before the separation of body and environment, of life and death, of the divine and the earthly. Paradise is the origin of all living things and inaccessible to all living things. All species are united in it and each enters it alone.

In Studio 5 of the Uferstudios, the artist and choreographer Moritz Majce creates a flowing togetherness with five dancers. Movements that relate to each other and to the visitors create an environment that passes through the bodies.
In spaces around the Uferstudios, the artist and author Sandra Man shows four videos, shot in remote landscapes with one dancer each. The individual human body connects with its environment, dives into it, steps out of it.
The visitors move freely between the live installation and the image spaces. They create their own dynamic of coming together, parting and returning.

Funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds. With the kind support of Land Kärnten Kultur. In cooperation with Collmot Research.


Space, choreography: Moritz Majce | Video, text: Sandra Man | Performance, live installation: Ágnes Grélinger, Mikael Marklund, Florencia Martina, Dorota Michalak, Sarah Stanley | Performance, video: Lisa Densem, Joséphine Evrard, Assi Pakkanen, Laura Siegmund.

Moritz Majce is a visual artist and choreographer. For him, the encounter between the work and the viewer is the essential artistic material. Since 2019, he has been developing Relational Flow, a space-creating form of movement that connects visitors and performers.

Sandra Man is an artist and author. In texts, videos and live performances with dancers, she focuses on the body and its relationship to gender and nature. Since 2017, she has been working primarily outdoors on new connections between landscape, language and movement.

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Following the performance on 25.02.2022 there will be an artist talk.

This is a 2G+ event, meaning that a negative test must be presented along with your proof of vaccination or recovery. Masks and distance regulations need to be kept regardless of the vaccination status. More info here.


Ticket price
10,00€ / 15,00€ promotional ticket / 20,00€ soli ticket (70% of the ticket proceeds go directly to the artists.)

For the establishment of an emergency fund for cultural and other civil society organizations to actively support Ukrainian and Russian colleagues threatened by the war.

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