Emerging Change
Makisig Akin
Adrian Blount
Uferstudio 1

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Wed 23.02.22 20:30 Uhr

How far did your work go? Who did it reach? This is an embodied love letter to adrienne marie brown, the author of Emergent Strategies. Dance as an affirmation; Emerging Change is a dance event teaser curated by Makisig Akin and Nara Virgens which delves into the deep core of our fantasies, dreams and vulnerable truths that we embrace as secrets. A silent dream. The event reveals in the limelight the urgency of the curiosity that arises in us when we feel inspired. The choreographers respond with questions; How is dance connected to love, grief and joy. Is the body a home of your emotions? What does our communal body of emotion look like? Emerging Change will be presented at Tanzfabrik in Uferstudios, Berlin, Germany on the 23th of February 2022 as part of Open Spaces including the work of two queer BiPOC Berlin local choreographers as activists, performers and facilitators.


Makisig Akin (they/them): Choreographer. Dance Artist. Facilitator. Activist.
"I am a queer, non-binary Filipino born and raised in the Philippines. My artistic work focuses on strengthening the recognition of intersectional identities, reconnecting with my ancestry, and decentralizing Western ideologies in dance making. Since graduating from University of California Los Angeles with Masters of Fine Arts in Choreography in June 2019 from the department of World Arts and Cultures Dance, I have been in the quest to further understanding how to use the platform of the dance and theatre to engage with socio-political topics in the perspective of queer and BIPoC individuals. I examine how these survival strategies can be translated into a communal physical practice, which I then use as a catalyst to a creative healing process. They are interested in reimagining the process of making-dances, how can the process serve the dancers as they continue to have agency in directing the trajectory of the work? How can they create a community that functions beyond identity while honoring identity?"

Adrian Marie Blount aka GodXXX Noirphiles: GodXXX Noirphiles (Adrian Marie Blount)- Parent to Chance Aijuka/ Non Binary Femme Boi/Founder/Organizer/ Curator/DJ- Is based in Berlin by way of San Diego, CA. After attending San Francisco State to obtain their BA in theatre, they performed in New York, traveled across the country with a touring theatre troupe, then moved to Rhode Island to perform with various Brown University programs including the Center for Slavery and Justice, Brown/ Trinity and Trinity Repertory theatre. Since being in Berlin, Adrian has taught anti-racist and collective healing workshops with various organizations such as Dice Festival and Conference and AfriVenir, dj’d internationally, performed at München Kammerspiele, Volksbühne, Gorki, Sophiensaele, Ballhaus Naunynstrasse and English Theatre Berlin (and others) and is the founder and lead organizer of the drag collective House of Living Colors for exclusively queer and trans BIPoC.

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