reinkommen "Transition"
Joel Donald Small
Studio 7

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What does it mean to be "in transition"? And could this state, which does not describe a stationary state, but rather a stage of breaking open and going beyond, a stage that is both and, not yet but already within, could this process, which possibly does not yet know its destination, describe much more what it is, or what it is not: my body?

Between drag show, scenic sketch, dance and sound experiment, Joel Small tells the story of an entity in transitions and constant change – in the best drag manner using the example of the metamorphosis of a butterfly. And thus also the autofictional story of a body that repeatedly breaks out of the categories that are put over it or with which it tries to define itself.

The 3 weeks residency is funded by the Tanja Liedtke Foundation.
reinkommen (“coming in”) is ada Studio's latest performance series. It gives young choreographers the opportunity to open their work process, invite the audience to come in and to get into conversation.


Concept, Research, Performance: Joel Small
Dramaturgy: Marcus Peter Tesch

Joel Small is an Australian choreographer, dancer and drag artist living in Berlin. In his work he deliberately undermines categories such as pop and high culture, subculture and mainstream, in order to unite them in new forms. Central to his work is the play with and sabotage of binary identity features – with the aim of liberating queer bodies and their stories from marginalization and making them visible. After completing his Bachelor's degree at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, Joel was a soloist with the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company. He has been freelancing since 2020, including productions at Deutsche Oper Berlin and Kampnagel, Hamburg. In the drag character "Reflektra", he has been performing throughout Germany and abroad since 2019. Most recently, Reflektra was seen as Rusalka at the Stuttgart State Opera.

Marcus Peter Tesch is an author and dramaturge. Between the independent scene and municipal theater, he tries to establish work processes based on care and collaboration. In his projects he deals with the retelling and making visible of queer history(s) and deals with classism and its narratability on stage. Studied applied theater studies in Giessen, then dramaturgy assistant and freelance dramaturg at the Schaubühne. Productions of his texts at the Deutsches Theater, Berlin and the Theater Rampe, Stuttgart, a. o. Since 2020 scholarship holder of the UniT writing course FORUM Text. Conception and management of the Writers' Room at the Berlin Theatertreffen 2021 and 2022.

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