Ticket information

Hygiene rules


Status 17.08.2021

- Differing rules stipulated by partners of Uferstudios or third-party organizer have to be fulfilled with priority


At a glance
-> Admission only with 2G proof* incl. comparison of photo IDs. The proof will be digitally verified by the COVPassCheck APP before admission, the proof must be QR-able! Vaccination passports won't be accepted!
-> Registration obligation with contact deposit mandatory (surname, first name, address and/or e-mail address, telephone number)
-> Wear medical mask or FFP2 masks in closed rooms (e.g. studio, foyers/ WC's/ other lounges) - also at the seat (except in case of certified exemption from mask obligation)
-> Specific mask regulation indoors remains in place for 2G proven people (vaccinated, recovered, tested) as well!
-> No admission for persons without proof of vaccination or recovery, Level I contacts to COVID-19 ill persons, or persons with infectious symptoms.
-> Maintain regular hand hygiene, including disinfection, sneezing and coughing etiquette
-> Everyone on and off stage comply with 2G rules.
-> Inquiries at mail AT uferstudios.com or + 49 30 46060887.


Admission to performances

Admission is only possible with 2G proof, i.e. i.F. proof of complete vaccination*, proof of recovery**. In accordance with house rules, all details will be checked at the time of admission, including the comparison of photo IDs.

-> Visitors and participants who have had contact with someone suffering from COVID-19 in the last 14 days or who are suffering from an upper respiratory tract infection themselves are not allowed to enter the Uferstudios. Shore Studios will deny entry to persons with infectious symptoms qua house rules. Persons exempt from the mask requirement are discouraged from attending indoor performances.

Strict capacity restrictions apply to all performance spaces and to all outdoor events. GGG verification requirements also apply to outdoor events.

Currently, no rapid testing or self-testing routine is provided on-site. Approved testing sites can be found here: https://test-to-go.berlin/

*Vaccinated persons = who have been vaccinated with a vaccine approved by the European Union and whose last required vaccination was at least 14 days ago. Proof must be QR-able.
** Recovered persons = with currently valid recovery certificate - QR-able



Ticketing / Registration / Entrance and Exit

We kindly ask you to purchase tickets online if possible; further inquiries regarding reservations etc. should be addressed to the respective organizer* within the Uferstudios partners. The box office usually opens 1 hour before the event.

In order to enable contact tracking, all visitors are required to register (either online or on-site) with the following data: attendance, last name, first name, address and/or e-mail address, telephone number (see below on data protection). This is done in advance, via the ticket system or exceptionally on site.

The tickets are personalized and non-transferable.

Admission to the site starts one hour before the performance begins.

Ticket control is primarily contactless and electronic upon entering the building. Scanning of tickets and checking of certificates and identification documents will take place at the greatest possible distance.

The maximum number of people allowed in each publicly accessible room is determined. The admission staff and the evening service will direct the movement of visitors on the premises and indoors and ensure that there is no congestion and high density of people on the way into the hall and that the permissible number of people per room is not exceeded.

At the end of the event, visitors should leave the hall individually, if possible in sections, and avoid forming groups. They will be assisted in this by the evening service and the admission staff.



Studio 14

Studio 14 has a room ventilation system (outside air) and is set to maximum capacity. The recommended personal fresh air volume flow of 25 m3/h/person is significantly exceeded.

All other performance studios

Do not have mechanical ventilation by outside air; Events are planned with significantly reduced number of people, seat spacing is at least 1.5 m in checkerboard pattern. If on-stage activities and weather permit, ventilation will be established via jet roof windows and cross ventilation. The maximum duration of a performance is 45 minutes; for longer events, there is a ventilation break of at least 15 minutes after 45 minutes.

All studios/stages are equipped with calibrated CO2 sensors with integrated traffic light system and acoustic signaling when approaching the threshold value (target CO2 concentration < 1000 ppm).


Hygiene measures

General clearance rules are to be observed in all buildings.

Dispensers with disinfectant are installed at all entrances and exits. Guests and employees are requested to disinfect their hands before entering the buildings. They are informed of the basic hygiene rules by means of notices.

There is a cleaning plan for all parts of the building, which shows which areas are cleaned how often and how. Before the start of each event, all hand contact surfaces in all publicly accessible rooms are cleaned.


Data protection

Collection and storage of contact data of event participants in order to be able to trace and interrupt possible chains of infection after an infection with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus has occurred. In accordance with Article 13 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we declare as follows:

Your personal data (attendance, surname, first name, address and/or mail address, telephone number) will be recorded and stored for 4 weeks when you attend an event in the Uferstudios, in accordance with §28a para. 1 no. 17 IfSG.

For ticket bookings via an online system applies:

- The operator of the ticketing system guarantees that the collected data will not be transferred to other contact databases and will be automatically deleted after four weeks following the event. Consent to data storage is obtained when booking online through the system.

For ticket purchase on site / reservation by mail applies:

- Only personal data and information on the period and place of stay are collected and processed.

- It is impossible for unauthorized persons to gain knowledge of the collected data.

- The data will not be used for any purpose other than handing over on request to the authorities responsible for collecting the data according to state law and will be deleted 4 weeks after collection.

- The data transmitted will not be passed on by the competent bodies or used by them for purposes other than contact tracing.

- Responsible for data processing collected on site: Simone Willeit, Management, Uferstudios GmbH, Uferstr. 23, 13357 Berlin, simone.willeit AT uferstudios.com


General Information on Ticketsale

Tickets for events at the Uferstudios can either be purchased directly at the box office in the foyer of the house, online, on the phone or at further ticket locations as listed below. Exceptionally tickets will be sold at different locations.


Buy Online Tickets

Tickets purchased online using our Reservix Ticket System can either be printed out at home or sent to your address. Payment is simple, made possible by bank transfer or by using your credit card. Please note however, that tickets purchased online cannot be returned or exchanged, and unused tickets will not be refunded.

Buy Online Tickets now


Reservix Ticket System also offers a Ticket-Hotline, where you can buy tickets 24-hours a day: 01806 700 733 (0,14 €/min. from German landline phones, with varying prices from German mobile phone).


Opening Hours Ticket Office

For evening performances, the box office opens one hour before the show. Only tickets for the particular show at the evening will be sold at that time. Unfortunately we cannot accept credit- or maestro-cards.


Reduced Tickets Reduced tickets can be purchased online as well as at the box office during the opening hours. Entrance is granted upon presentation of identification.
People qualified for price reductions are students under 27 years of age, trainees, welfare recipients, and those in military or civil service.
For some events the number of reduced tickets is limited.

The accompanying person of people with disabilities will receive a ticket free of charge. As far as possible we ask wheelchair users for reservation in advance.


The Uferstudios are partner of the tanzcard. You get 20% off on a regular ticket for all our dance performances. For further information visit: www.tanzraumberlin.de/tanzcard


Tickets for th Uferstudios can also be purchased at the following locations


You can find further booking offices within Berlin and Germany here.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Accessibility Rules
Please note: The different events can only be attended with SCANABLE 2G proof Event (ANALOG or DIGITAL EU Covid vaccination certificate WITH QR-CODE or valid digital proof of recovery WITH QR-CODE) (photo ID for proof of identity required). NOTE: Vaccine passports won't be accepted! There is an obligation to provide contact details. Masks are compulsory for all events. Distance regulations and routing are to be observed on site. Strong capacity reduction.
Note on ticket purchase
Due to the current pandemic situation, the 2G+ rule will soon apply in Berlin. A more precise definition of the "+" is still pending. We ask to stay informed about the respective decisions and to consider this when booking tickets for future events.
Uferstudios supporting the Berlin "Declaration of the Many" for an open society!